Who Are You Becoming?

Let’s talk about EVOLUTION. Have you ever observed the plants around you and how that continue to EVOLVE? Life is resilient. Life is WILD! Every single living thing is in constant change. Why fight it?

No matter how hard we try, we can’t keep things as they are, but we CAN choose to ALIGN WITH THE FLOW of LIFE and make change CONSCIOUSLY. 

So often I hear women talk about how they want to get BACK to some previous time and space that they remember as being better than where they are now. I want to shine some light on this topic for the purpose EMPOWERING women to consciously EVOLVE into living the lives they want NOW.

One of the most powerful tools that I know of is working with conscious identity evolution. Watch the video below to learn more about how to narrow the gap between where you are and where you want to be!


Tell me in the comments — Who Are YOU Becoming?

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It’s Time to Believe Something NEW About YOU!

What NEW thing do you need to start believing about yourself in order to be who you wat to be_1 (1)

Often in life, we cling to beliefs that (seemingly) help us just get through tough times. There’s one in particular that most of us use, and I want to talk about it because it causes us a lot of grief — “I don’t have TIME to…” Do you ever hear yourself saying that? Sometimes we might use it as an excuse to decline to do something we don’t want to do. I’m not talking about those instances. I’m talking about the times we use it to put off doing something that would actually make a difference in our lives — like self-care practices and connecting with the people in our lives. How often do you put off doing something that would nourish you off because you “don’t have time”?

I know it feels like you have a thousand plates spinning in the air and YOU (and ONLY you) have to be the one to keep them spinning or everything will fall apart. You’re the glue. You’re the Goddess. Right? I get it. The problem with this idea is that 1- it’s false and 2- it keeps you stuck in the rat race, with the belief that you’ll have time for all the things you want out of your life AFTER you just get through this next phase and everything ELSE is taken care of.

We tend to withhold the good feelings, the self-care, the things that bring us joy and nurturance, thinking those aren’t achievable in the present. What I want you to get is that it’s not an “either/or” scenario. It’s not your health/happiness/wholeness OR your family/career/community. The rest of your life won’t fall away when you start to give to your Self.  In fact, it’s the opposite! Your health, happiness, and wholeness will begin to slip away from you if you don’t make some changes in your habits and lifestyle.

Your current thinking/ mindset (beliefs) and your daily habits (actions based on those beliefs) have to CHANGE in order to make the Life You Want a reality. Who you are right now is a culmination of your own beliefs and your past actions, based on those beliefs. The life you see dangling before you — the one where you have time for taking care of you and connecting with the people you love — can NOT exist in your current life. What old beliefs are still hanging around and creating a mess of your life? What NEW things do you need to start believing about your Self/Life/Body/Finances in order to Start Living Your Dreams?

Leave a comment to let me know what’s holding you back and where you want to go!!! (I promise to respond to every comment I get!)

Like where this is going? Want more? Read on…

I help people shift their beliefs about themselves (what’s possible) and their daily habits to live a life of wholeness, true health, and deep joy!

This is a journey of self-healing. You CAN reclaim your life’s potential! Let me be your guide! Have a conversation with me by clicking the image below:

Copy of Apply Now (3)

I’m taking a limited number of women with me on a year-long journey of self-healing starting in May (enrollment is open NOW thru May 11th). Using the wisdom and self-care practices of Ayurveda, the practical tools of habit science, and the dynamic support of a group, I will teach you how to take the steps necessary to get you from a life of chaos, regret, overwhelm, and autoimmune issues to a life you design of whole health, ease, joy, and deep fulfillment.

This course is for you if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired! Your TIME is NOW if you are ready to live an Awake + Radiant Life and say goodbye to:

  • Overwhelm
  • Daily exhaustion
  • Excuses
  • Putting your life on hold
  • Doing what others think you “should” do
  • Not being in control of your health
  • Autoimmune issues

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For whatever we lose 
(like a you or a me)
It's always our self
we find in the sea. (2)


DETOX with ME!

Who Wants to DETOX With Me_Spring is upon us! I’m curious what you’ve been noticing in your body/mind/spirit during this transition. If you think about it, it’s a huge transition — the ground was covered in snow, the river was iced over, fires were in the hearths, heavier foods were on the menu, the world was a little slower and a little quieter. Then we went through an in-between period as the snow melted — lots of mud. I felt that way in my body a little bit, too.  Did you? I felt the heaviness of early spring and felt very slow and sluggish for a couple weeks.

It’s normal to feel a little “off” during these major seasonal transitions (Winter into Spring and Summer into Fall). This time offers us an opportunity to cleanse, just like the earth is doing, by letting go of the heaviness we’ve accumulated over the long winter. It also offers us a chance to hone our intuitive knowing and sync up with the rhythms of nature. Aligning with the rhythms of the natural world around us is how we thrive! Our ancestors knew it! It’s time for us to remember, too.

Spring often conjures images of tiny shoots popping up out of the soil, buds on trees, sunshine, etc. but early spring also carries with it a heaviness, as we are still transitioning out of winter. Our health is well-served by making some changes in the way we eat and what we do with ourselves during this transition. Ayurveda (literally translated as “the science/ knowledge/ philosophy of LIFE” a.k.a. the sister science of yoga) offers us much time-tested (being that it’s about 5,000 years old!) wisdom for thriving in our body/mind/spirit!

Springtime Ayurvedic Wisdom for Your Whole Self

  • Incorporate more bitter, pungent, and astringent flavors in your diet (lemon, arugula, dandelion greens, ginger)
  • Add spice to your food (black pepper, chilies, and turmeric)
  • Favor warm, light, and spicy foods
  • Reduce naps
  • Get outside and get moving
  • Consider doing a Detox
  • Eat a lighter breakfast than you do in winter
  • Only eat when you’re hungry
  • Avoid: cold foods, dairy, sweet, heavy fruits, wheat, sweeteners (except raw honey), salt, roasted nuts, fatty meats

I’m starting a detox this week and I’d like to invite you to join me. Don’t put the idea off immediately, thinking a detox is all about self-deprivation. It’s NOT! It’s simply a time to cleanse and reset so that you enter Spring/Summer with —

a BODY that feels lighter and more at ease,

a MIND that is calm and clear, and

a SPIRIT that is replenished and invigorated!

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? If you think so, too, then follow along with me on my Facebook page! I’ll be sharing my experience and giving you tips to detox along with me. Let’s do this together! You can help hold me accountable and I’ll cheer you on in the process!

I’ll help YOU Design Your Own Detox…

  1. Week 1 is all about easing in, noticing your tendencies, and setting yourself up for success.
  2. Week 2 is the deepest part of the detox. You will decide what you want out of it and what you want to put into it, so even this deepest part doesn’t have to be hard! It’s all up to you!
  3. Week 3 is about slowly coming out of the detox and moving back into normal life (which you may have a different definition for!!)

Aren’t you curious to see HOW AMAZING YOU COULD FEEL in 3 weeks?

I AM! That’s why I’m doing it. Remember, there’s no pressure here. This is all about you, for you, and I will support you as I am going through the process with you!


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.16.18 PM

What’s Different About MamaWise?

MamaWise is a Holistic Childbirth Education series that is different from your “average” childbirth ed course for 4 reasons.

  1. It’s Holistic, which means we look at the WHOLE picture. In the case of childbirth, that means educating the mother on everything that has anything to do with the health of mama, baby, family, and community. MamaWise covers EVERYTHING — nutrition, exercise, relaxation, emotional health, choices for birth, birth planning, new family dynamics, and (definitely one of the most important pieces >>>) postpartum care.
  2. It’s Empowering, meaning this course gives the power back to the Mama (where it belongs)! It’s important that women recognize the beauty and the power of the birthing experience.
  3. It’s All-Encompassing! From the microcosm (taking care of mama) to the macrocosm (the cultivation of a new family — because even if this is your 5th kid, the addition of a new soul is the birth of a new family). Learning the art of true Self-Care practices translates to how you show up for your family and in your life. It also serves as a powerful example to your children of how to love and care for themselves.
  4. Mamas NEED other Mamas! In more traditional times, women supported women through birth and postpartum, but in our current culture, these practices have been mostly lost. This course offers you the support of other women who have been through, and are going through, what you are going through. Jessica Robinson is also a Mama, a Doula, a Yoga Health Coach, and a Pregnancy/Labor/Postpartum Massage Therapist.

As a mother, myself, I have learned so much from my own experiences and the help I’ve received from other knowledgeable, caring mamas, and I want to share with you how the Journey of Motherhood can be one of the most AMAZING experiences in a woman’s life! It all starts with conception and most folks assume it ends with the birth of a baby, but that’s only the beginning.

Through the experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
a MAMA is born (with each and every new child she carries).
You will NEVER be the same again, nor would you want to!

This Course Is for YOU If:

  • You are READY to embrace the experience of BIRTH as personal/familial TRANSFORMATION
  • You want to tap into your INTUITION and Feel Empowered by your Birth experience
  • Your past birth experiences have left you feeling dis-empowered and you want something BETTER this time
  • You want to Know your options and Make Your Own Choices for Your Birth
  • Your family and/or friends aren’t supporting your natural birth choices and you’re wanting the support of other like-minded mamas

We Start March 11th! Get Details and Sign Up HERE!


March dōTERRA Specials are Here!

Using Essential Oils is a SIMPLE + POWERFUL way to increase vitality + healing.

The Power of Plants is REAL!

This month dōTERRA is offering some cool SPECIALS that I want to pass along to YOU!!! (This is a long post, but there’s so much good info in it. I share with you some of my staples, so keep reading!)

1) 10% off Cypress Oil — Cypress essential oil has a fresh, clean aroma that’s energizing and refreshing. It’s beneficial for oily skin conditions. It has a grounding, yet stimulating effect on the emotions, making it a popular oil to diffuse during times of transition or loss. wa-cypress
2) FREE 15ml of Grapefruit when your order is 125PV or more. — Known for its energizing and invigorating aroma, Grapefruit helps uplift mood. Grapefruit is also renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties and is frequently used in skin care for its ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin. Grapefruit can also support a healthy metabolism. (*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.)

3) ONE and Aspire — 2 exclusive oil blends are available in limited quantity this month only (while supplies last!). I am excited to try both!

dōTERRA® ONE combines essential oils from countries around the world—countries that overcome hardships by working together. This proprietary blend combines CPTG® essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Vetiver for their relaxing and soothing effects. Douglas Fir and Cardamom are known for their ability to maintain feelings of clear airways and uplift mood. One of dōTERRA’s rarest oils, Melissa, calms tension and nerves and promotes overall emotional health. Let the grounding aroma of ONE help balance your mind and spirit and remind you that in every success, tragedy, or helping hand, we are ONE.



Aspire is a proprietary essential oil blend that enlivens the senses and inspires the soul. CPTG® essential oils of Lime and Cardamom create a sense of openness and mental clarity while Hyssop and Cedarwood provide warming and grounding aromatic bene ts. Blue Nepalese Chamomile essential oil is renowned for its ability to ease feelings of tension and soothing properties. Apply Aspire to pulse points throughout the day to stay focused, energized,
and driven.


NOW I’ll share with you some of my personal staples…

1) First of all, with all of the cold and flu that’s going around, I HIGHLY recommend diffusing OnGuard and Breathe — two of my favorite dōTERRA blends!! Not only does the combination smell HEAVENLY, but these POWERFUL plants do a AMAZING job!

wa-doterra-on-guarddōTERRA On Guard, a proprietary essential oil blend, provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support when used internally.* As one of dōTERRA’s best-selling blends, dōTERRA On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system when ingested.* dōTERRA On Guard can be taken internally on a daily basis to maintain healthy immune function.* It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner. When diffused, dōTERRA On Guard helps purify the air, and can be very energizing and uplifting.

wa-doterra-breathedōTERRA Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara. dōTERRA Breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. dōTERRA Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep.

I use these two oils RELIGIOUSLY when anyone in our household is sick with anything respiratory-related.

2) We use Balance in my household almost daily!

wa-doterra-balanceThe warm, woody aroma of dōTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. We perfectly blend Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and relaxation. Spruce, one of the oils in dōTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile can ease anxious feelings, while Frankincense provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.

3) ClaryCalm is my Go-To for every time of the month that I notice symptoms from my moon cycle (achy lower back, bloating, emotional sensitivity, etc.). This stuff WORKS!
wa-clarycalmClaryCalm is a proprietary blend of essential oils that provides a soothing and calming effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle. A topical blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex, ClaryCalm provides a cooling effect to the skin and helps balance emotions. ClaryCalm utilizes FCF (furnaocoumarin- free) Bergamot essentail oil to prevent sun sensitivity.

4) Peace is one of dōTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy blends, and it is simply LOVELY! (I’m diffusing it RIGHT NOW with Tangerine.)
wa-doterra-peaceAre life’s anxious moments leaving you feeling overwhelmed and afraid? dōTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend of oral and mint essential oils is a positive reminder you don’t have to be perfect to nd peace. Slow down, take a deep breath, and reconnect with the composed, collected you. Everything turning out fine begins with believing it will—and a few drops of Peace Reassuring Blend.

There are many others that I use on a regular basis (Cedarwood, Melaleuca, Oregano, Serenity, Lemon, and Lavender to name just a few), but these are some great ones to get you started learning about how to use these wonderful plant medicines.


1) Order directly with me by commenting below to tell me what you want to get. If you place your order with me by the 13th at 5pm MST, I’ll cover the cost of tax and shipping (locals only)!

2) Sign up for your own wholesale account here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/sacredspace and click “Join & Save”. You will be able to take advantage of all of the specials and get wholesale pricing on all of your purchases for a year (no minimum or monthly purchases are ever required!). If you need help, use the Contact Us form to send me a message.

3) You are also welcome to purchase directly through my site here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/sacredspace
* Note: You will not get free tax/shipping this way or be able to take advantage of the Free Grapefruit oil by spending 125PV.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Essential Oils, JOIN my private Facebook Group for weekly education posts and LIVE broadcasts!

If you want to learn about being part of a team of wellness pros and help bring the power of EOs to others, message me to set up a consult.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.16.18 PM


How to Heal Your Self


Start with Intuition

It’s no secret that we humans used to have better intuitive skills than we do in this day and age. Think back to earlier times when we lived in harmony with the earth. We harvested, we tracked animals and hunted. In order to track an animal, a person must know how to listen deeply and use their senses in ways that would be considered “supernatural” these days. They are, in fact, SUPER + NATURAL. Sadly, these kinds of skills have been long forgotten in modern “civilization”, but thankfully, they aren’t lost because they’re in our DNA. We all have the ability to sense in more ways than just the 5 senses — sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  “Many neurologists identify nine or more senses, and some list as many as 21.”

Why Do I Need to Tap Into My Senses?

Even though today we might not have a need for the tracking skills, tapping into our ability to listen deeply to our own bodies IS a crucial component to our health evolution. Here’s what I mean by that…

The average American eats more processed, packaged, and what I call “pretend food” than real food and we are only taught that we have 5 senses. We are encouraged to see the doctor yearly (much more for those under 2) and follow her directions for our health. At NO point in mainstream education are we taught how to have a healthy, whole, and happy human body. If you are privy to such knowledge, either you had parents that were “in the know” or you went against the grain and sought out the truth about wholistic health. Given that, chances are pretty good that, like myself, you didn’t grow up with an education in body wisdom. Given THAT, like myself, you’ve probably already got some hits against you in the whole health department. Ever heard that wonderful quote by Maya Angelou?


That’s what I mean by Evolution. As we begin to know better, we learn to DO better — this is the process of evolving your health. And THIS is why we need to learn how to tap into our INTUITION — how to listen deeply to what our bodies are telling us. When we are in tune with our bodies, we know how to feed ourselves for optimal, whole health. All decisions become easier when we listen — how/when to exercise, life/relationship choices, and how to handle situations that come up, etc.


Wholistic Health

Wholistic health (holistic=wholistic) is when we take into account the WHOLE picture of the Self (body, mind, emotions, past trauma, childhood, life circumstances, etc.) as opposed to just seeking a quick “fix” for the symptoms we are experiencing. When we just look for the “band-aid”, then we never get to the root of the problem. Our bodies are smart. When you go for the quick-fix, the body will find another way to let you know about the real problem. If you’re not paying attention, you might think that you have yet another unrelated issue, but in fact, it’s coming from the same source that never got addressed.

Why We Need to Learn to Listen…

Looking for the “band-aid” is how modern allopathic medicine works. In most cases when a person goes to an average doctor, they are diagnosed according to their presenting symptoms without any regard for mental/emotional stresses and without looking at how they are caring for their health, wholistically. This model is how we get into BIG trouble when it comes to our health. Band-aid after band-aid usually, eventually, leads to long-term meds, which are NEVER good for the body long-term, and the saddest part is that it’s unavoidable. When we learn to LISTEN, we take our health into our own hands and we know how to help the body HEAL itself. Someone else will never be able to know what works for you in the way that you do. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to hone your inner compass!

I’ve outlined 5 steps to help you hone your inner compass so that you can put your health back into your hands! If you’re ready, jump on over to THIS PAGE and get the details and Sign Up for the “Hone Your Inner Compass” 5 Day Challenge!
Hone Your Inner Compass

Hone Your Inner Compass!

Hone Your Inner Compass

Join the “Hone Your Inner Compass” Challenge with Jessica Robinson

A 5 Day Challenge to reconnect with your inner wisdom and uplevel your health, while growing your intuition and experiencing more EASE in life!

Sign Me UP!

  • How many times have you read, or heard about, some new fad that you thought was going to be the answer to you getting “back on track” with your health?
  • How many diets, or food protocols, have you given your all just to find out that it, too, didn’t work for you?
  • How many “experts” have you put your faith in, and eventually come to realize that all of their “expertise” wasn’t going to help you?

One More Question…

How Many More Times Do You Want That To Happen?

If you are truly FED UP with the fads, the diets, and the “experts” Telling YOU What YOU NEED, then JOIN ME for this 5 Day Challenge!

I’ll be delivering SIMPLE tips and action steps to help you Hone Your Inner Compass and Learn How to LISTEN + KNOW What YOUR Body Wants!

What You’ll Get:

  • 5 days of tips, videos and practices shared with you via email,
  • worksheets to help you implement,
  • access to a private Facebook Group for support,
  • Invitation to a BONUS 30-minute coaching session with Jessica to figure out your “next steps” ($75 Value).