Online Yoga Courses



About This Course…

This is a 6-week progressive yoga course that I’ve designed to reconnect you to your deepest self, reignite your yoga practice, and evolve your habits to bring more ease into your life. 

This Course is for YOU if…

  • you are having a hard time getting to the yoga studio
  • you miss your yoga practice but don’t know exactly what to do at home
  • need a Boost to get back into a Healthy Routine
  • you want to feel more comfortable in your body

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • access to a new yoga video each week
  • weekly audio meditation to incorporate daily
  • pdf of yoga sequence to use wherever you are
  • weekly journaling prompts to deepen your experience
  • membership into online group forum for support and accountability
  • 1 private wellness strategy session to help you clarify your path to thrive

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